Treatment and Assessment Services
Acute Post-Injury

E3’s parent company, Millennium Therapy, has a long-standing reputation for excellent, personalized therapy services. E3’s role is to ensure any work-comp patient seen at a Millennium, or E3, facility is treated with an eye toward safe and efficient return-to-work. E3 is active in numerous work comp networks and is consistently rated as a top provider in each one.

Work Hardening/Conditioning

A function-focused therapist is important at any stage of work comp injury care. It is critically important in a work-hardening/work-conditioning setting. E3’s approach can be molded to fit any therapy Rx, or E3 can create a course of therapy from scratch that begets employee confidence that they can go back to work and perform at the highest possible level.

FCE – Functional Capacity Evaluations

E3’s focus on Work Comp-related services is most evident in our approach to FCEs. Our uniquely accurate, objective ‘validity of effort’ testing during an FCE begets evidence-based data that can be used to make appropriate therapeutic, medical and legal decisions.

  • E3 utilizes the XRTS FCE protocol. XRTS is the first substantive improvement over FCE models created in the 1970s. They shared, and still do share, the same inherent flaw: over-reliance on the assessor’s opinion, not objective measures (and re-measures)
  • The end result is an adversarial approach that pits equally dubious reports against each other, leaving medical and legal professionals to ignore both reports, of blindly favor one over the other
  • The XRTS model has no reliance on opinion or subjective measures. It is accurate and defensible, therefore it is beneficial to all involved parties.
  • E3 can provide the exact same FCE at one of our 20+ clinics in Iowa or at a conference facility.
  • Reports are delivered within three business days, usually much sooner (same day can be done in some cases)
Ergonomic Assessments

A valid and accurate Ergonomic Assessment should be performed by a trained and certified therapist who is familiar with both body mechanics in general and how a person interacts with their unique work environment. E3 therapists are experts in ergonomics and can provide detailed reports for anyone needing a workspace overhaul, be it in an office, industrial setting or even in

Employee Vetting and Baselines
Pre-Work Screens (Fit-for Duty)

The easiest, most affordable and effective way to lower an employer’s work comp rates is to ensure every new-hire is physically capable of performing their job at the time of hire.

  • All screening services performed by E3 are designed specifically to be ADA and EEOC compliant.
  • E3 bases their Pre-Work Screens (a.k.a. Fit-for-Duty, Performance Profiles, Lift Tests, Post-Offer/Pre-Placement Physical, etc.) on an in-depth Functional Job Analysis/Description that is validated by current employees and supervisors, ensuring the screening process is legally viable.
  • Based on the new-hires PWS results, employers can confidently slot employees into specific jobs, they can modify job duties or they can rescind the offer of employment.
  • Every screen includes a baseline functional measure that is invaluable if the employee every gets injured
  • Screens are set up by appointment (and can be done on-site at employers with “hiring seasons”) so your new-hire doesn’t waste any valuable time waiting.
  • Results are conveyed immediately to each employer client
Drug screens

Many E3 service locations can perform 5-panel, 12-panel and DOT certified drug screens for pre-hire, reasonable suspicion, random and post-accident need under the Drug-Free Workplace structure.

DOT Physicals

E3 facilities in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids can provide medically licensed professionals to perform DOT and medical-based, pre-employment physicals

Emerge EFA

E3 is proud to partner with Emerge Diagnostics to provide unmatched baselines for our employer clients.

Job & Worksite Services
Job Descriptions (Function-focused)
  • Detailed and accurate
  • Validated for use in screening, streamlined return-to-work
  • ADA & EEOC compliant

Traditionally Job Descriptions are a list of duties, pre-requisites and sometimes a handful of basic physical requirements. While helpful, they won’t have any impact on employee safety and productivity. E3 creates job descriptions that reflect the essential functional, physical requirements of every job. E3 uses licensed therapists, trained and certified to analyze the functional components in detail.


The research is undeniable. Employers who require their manual labor employees to stretch before, during or after a shift (ideally all three) see significantly fewer repetitive motion injuries within weeks of enacting a program. E3 therapists provide the materials and training that empowers our clients to provide impactful stretching programs on their own with a minimal initial investment and virtually no ongoing costs.

Comfort Surveys

The easiest way to avoid an injury is to address it while it is still a minor ache and pain and, ideally, to identify trends in a worksite, shift, supervisor, etc. Regular (and very quick) surveys of workers provide all the data needed to identify – and address – emerging injuries in individuals and red-flags among groups of employees.

Emerging Injury Intervention

On-site clinics, open to any and all workers, will directly lower the risk of an employee’s ache or pain turning into a recordable injury. Additionally, a roaming therapist with a trained eye for improper body mechanics or poor worksite ergonomics can assist workers in real time to increase their comfort and, in turn, productivity.